Katerina Chatzovoulou & Richa Okhandiar-MacDougall

Katerina Chatzovoulou is a qualified Music Psychotherapist and Musicologist. Her research concerns issues around the uses of community music within several spaces that have been affected by war, trauma, illness and social exclusion. Katerina has worked and volunteered for almost a decade as a community music facilitator in the UK and Europe. Lately, Katerina has been examining how music could be used within correctional facilities to create communities of caring.

Richa Okhandiar-MacDougall is a qualified Art Psychotherapist interested in researching and creating decolonised, non-hierarchical and intersectional psycho-emotional spaces for care and providing communal support to marginalised communities. They have wide-ranging professional, personal and volunteering experience across social, intersectional feminist and environmental areas. Their research and practice is focused on creating anti-racist intersectional spaces that challenge neo-liberal models of care. 

Richa and Katerina’s research joins their practical experience to pursue and create knowledge and work that reaches and empowers communities.