Simon Glenister

Simon Glenister’s background is a mixture of 25 years combined experience of working with young people in challenging circumstances and an internationally touring musician, specialising in music technology. Founding Noise Solution in 2009, the organisation uses an innovative evidenced based combination of one to one music mentoring, focussed on beat making, and a bespoke digital platform designed to share participants’ success stories with family and professionals whilst capturing nationally benchmark able well-being data. Noise Solution has proven its highly statistical significance in impacting on the well-being of populations that other statutory organisations often struggle to engage with. On a mission to take the ‘woolly’ out of arts impacts, Simon is an advocate of the importance of impact capture, impact management, and the use of theory to inform practice. Simon’s work in this area is underpinned by a research Masters, undertaken at Cambridge University’s Faculty of Education in 2017, researching Noise Solution’s use of technology as a mediating tool in impacting upon well-being.