Dr Victoria Rowe

After a career in piano teaching, Dr Victoria Rowe studied for an MA in Psychology for Musicians at the University of Sheffield, where she is now a Teaching Associate on the Psychology for Musicians MA course. She completed her PhD at the University of Surrey (Roehampton), where her supervisors were Professor David Hargreaves and Dr Susan Young. After acting as Research Assistant on several projects involving young children and music, and collaborating with colleagues in the preparation of two books of advice for PhD students, she worked as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on the EU funded MIROR Project as part of the Exeter University team. Based on the work of the MIROR project, Victoria collaborated with two other researchers to produce Children’s Creative Music-Making with Interactive Technology: Adventures in Improvising and Composing (Rowe, Triantafyllaki & Pachet, 2017). This publication brings together the voices of researchers, teachers, technology specialists and children who were involved in the project, and it concludes with a toolkit of possible ways to include music technology in primary music classes: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Childrens-Music-Making-Reflexive-Interactive-Technology/dp/1138579629/ref=sr_1_7_twi_pap_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1524049252&sr=8-7&keywords=Victoria+Rowe